• Enfuse Shift v.2
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  • The new aproach to splitboard bindings. Minimalistic design, simple to use possibly the only binding you will ever need.

    Shift uses our patented Orbital Locking System, which provides the stiffest possible connection between board and binding. It uses four pins and excentric rod, that pulls the board to the binding giving you the feel almost like a solid board. 

    Basplate and most of the parts are CNC machined out of 6061 aluminium to be light and durable. We have designed our own highbacks that are light, stiff and also flexible in rotation equiped with our Hexagon Angle Adjuster which provides five difefrent angle positions and one fully open. 

    Transition to hike mode is made only by sliding the binding on the front connecting pins and when folded on the ski it automatically locks. Front interface is also prepared for the use of crampons. 

    Heel riser has two positions for steeper terrain. It also includes a feature that lifts the heel riser off the board to make it reachable with poles.


    • Materials: 6082 Aluminium, Bronze
    • Weight: 2096 g – for Medium size with complete interface and screws
    • Size: Medium and Large 
    Box include one set of binding with complete interface.
    2x Binding
    2x Front touring mounts
    2x Heel risers
    4x Connectors
    8x Connector screws
    10x Interface screws

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  • Shaped by mountains

    At Enfuse we produce equipment that in the mountains makes you feel like at home. Innovation and looking for the perfect solution is a real joy and adrenaline for us. Where the others are ending, we are just getting started.

    We have transformed our own experiences from the mountains into what we do and what we enjoy – to invent unique equipment for a flawless mountain adventure. We devote hundreds of hours to develop the products.

    We use the best materials and we are coming up with new patents. We will never sell anything we don’t use ourselves. We believe that when you have great equipment you don’t have to think about it or change it. It works absolutely naturally and intuitively. It’s taking a lot of journeys with you. You’re proud to have it … And that’s exactly our goal. Way to the top, the expedition to perfection.